Friday, June 13, 2008

Environmental Elemental

Water. It's everywhere. Including on River Drive in Davenport, IA. Yes, again. Second time in about a month.

Thunderstorms and a Tornado Warning last night. Every time the Weather Channel would take off the "severe weather alert" thing... they'd have to put it back 5 minutes later. Tornado Warning meant I spent an hour in the basement last night. Must remember to tell Leslie (apt. mgr) there is leaking in the basement.

Lightning started... about 7:30pm and didn't really let up for five hours. Maybe longer. (I fell asleep around midnight so I'm not sure how much longer it went)

Eating healthier going better. Am at around 2000 calories a day. Must remember not to starve self, otherwise body will take revenge and quick.


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jen721 said...

It stopped around 2:30 is what I hear. My folks were without power from 9 - 2 ish in Carbon Cliff. They said when they opened up the windows one would blow in hot air while the other cool. Weird, but with what was going on with the storm fronts, I am not surprised.