Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's Goin' On...

Work - Next week: Going to be working 10 hour days. Likely I will make the effort to get here at 6am to leave at 4:30pm... Boss says we'll be paid for OT. More likely we get comp time again. Can live with that either way.

DMB - *SIGH* It's bad but I think I am afraid of what may happen here. I don't want to lose the band... as in: No more new stuff... no more touring. No more Alpine Valley weekends. There. I've said it. I do not want them to stop. (Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) RIP Leroi. You are missed. (Dying Young is hard to take but Selling Out is harder)

Skating - No lessons again until 30 August (no public sessions either Saturday or next Tuesday) - Hockey: it's the week between Sunday night games. Drop in game is this Sunday. I'm moving up to B/C league (not much choice, really). I think I might be at the lower C league level... like I was in the lower D league level when I started last year. If I was still in SoCal, I suspect I would have graduated out of classes and joined a team there too by now.

Currently in the middle of regretting throwing the rock at one of the other kids in the apartment complex I lived in when I was 10. (Not that I have any idea why things are coming out to bite me right now. They just are.) Never mind the fact that I don't live in that complex anymore, and I am no longer 10 years old. Although I still don't feel like a very nice person.

Finished one thing for Ravelympics. Working on a second.

Tired though.


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