Friday, September 26, 2008

Roller Coaster...

Matthew Stajan apparently is wearing a provisional "A" for the Leafs.

The Marlies are apparently giving away Matthew Stajan bobble heads in February (in the game against Springfield on the 15th)... why do I want to go and get one? ;)

Other than the fact that I'm a fangirl. =D


Washington Mutual failed and is going to be taken over by JPMorgan Chase.

The analysis I heard was that people started pulling their money out...

Meaning it was a run on a bank... and now the largest Savings and Loan has failed.


Saw Dr. Rochelle this morning.

She wrote me a script for naproxin to see if the cramps get any better with that instead.

She suggested getting a thyroid test again, so I'm going to go down tomorrow to a lab that's open and get the whole test mess taken care of.


Still going to Pittsburgh. October 5 to 10.

Then I come home and then go to Chicago for the weekend.

Pondering what to do either way.


Quad City Flames games I want to go to:

Marlies - Definite - one game in January.
Lake Erie?

Maybe I can buy the 10 game flex pack and use them for 5 games for 2 people.



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