Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pro-hockey notes...

I'm not sure I will ever like Phil Kessel. Even if he is showing signs of maturing, which I am vaguely hopeful for. The very fact that it was likely his inflated ego during World Juniors that served to cause Team USA to not have any cohesive chemistry at the time...

Sean Avery will always be a punk. He may agitate well, but he's still a punk.

My dislike of the Flyers goes back before last season when they were handing out concussions like they were candy. This goes as far back as when Bobby Clarke called out Eric Lindros for saying he had a concussion and could not play WHEN HE HAD A CONCUSSION AND COULD NOT PLAY. To see them involved in 5 incidents last season where the other team had a player with a severe injury (Downie...) really infuriated me.

I may like some of the players on the Nashville Predators, but I cannot stand the way they play as a team. Barry Trotz may have something to do with that.

I can remember not liking the New Jersey Devils either. (I'm neutral about them these days) The main reason was Stevens and Niedermayer. Stevens was one of those people who handed out concussions like they were candy (Steve Downie, I'm looking at you) and then wondered why people did not like him. Payback and Karma were bitches in the end though. Why did Stevens have to retire? Post Concussion Syndrome.

Note to Mike Keenan: No, I still despise you. But please do me a great favour and send Adam Pardy back to the Quad Cities. The AHL team could use him AND he would not just be sitting on his backside in the press box watching the game.

Note to the Toronto Maple Leafs: 3 game losing streak is enough. start winning consistently please!


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