Tuesday, June 9, 2009


pro Hockey related:
1 - Blackhawks sign Rob Klinkhammer to an NHL contract (his first). Brian Connelly has also been signed to an NHL contract. (Which will amuse me to no end.)

2 - Brent Sutter has resigned from the coaching position in New Jersey. Speculation is that he will be Calgary's next coach.

3 - Dany Heatley has reportedly asked for a trade (just after the first year of his 6 year contract extension)... possibly to a Western Conference team. (and why is this so hard for folks to believe? The boy's looked miserable in Ottawa... the only time he looks remotely happy is when Ilya Kovalchuk is in the area)

Non-pro Hockey related -

Not sure why I am looking into getting new equipment. My current stuff isn't worn out yet. *shrug*

Pondering half-season tickets for the Ice Hogs, and Saturday seats for the Badgers.

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