Monday, June 1, 2009

A few things...

1 - Dr. Tiller's murder is tragic and wrong and anyone saying that the person who gunned him down is right, righteous, and all that other stuff is sick and twisted in the head. Yes I know what Dr. Tiller did for a living. I also know that late-term abortions are NOT entered into lightly. There are mitigating circumstances.

2 - The Blackhawks did well for themselves this season and this playoffs. Unfortunately, given that the Red Wings took out Havlat and Khabibulin (yes, I am using that language because THAT IS WHAT THEY DID), it was a disruption of what the team had going. And yet people say that Detroit doesn't play dirty. Right.

3 - I really hope Pittsburgh can bounce back and win a few games... or even the series. As I said before in other places: DYNASTIES ARE BORING.

4 - I do not get the people who refer to Crosby as "crybaby" or something and then say that all of the Red Wings complaints are valid, etc. Hello? Not everything the Red Wings do is right all the time.

5 - Tom Gilbert is apparently spending the summer in Madison, WI with Adam Burish. Referred to him as "an old college friend". Found that out via his blog (no, I'm not stalking anyone)...

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