Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Heath Care Reform

I have had to deal with insurance companies denying services because they wanted to. Or making me jump through extra hoops in order to get what I needed to get done.

I have friends who CANNOT GET INSURANCE because of some stupid “pre-existing condition”. They’re employed and well paid… but can’t get insurance because of a pre-existing condition… that they need insurance to deal with adequately.

I have been uninsured, ineligible for Medicare because I made too much money, and too poor to afford the EXTRA $200 a week - Yes, I said A WEEK - in order to afford health care FOR MYSELF ONLY. Now I'm paying about $170/month, and am grateful that my employer provides it.

I have had to go to an urgent care facility and pay through the nose because I was between jobs - COBRA is a joke… it’s too $$$ anyway - and sick with a sore throat that was only getting worse and not better.

Also? My Primary Care person has so many patients, it is difficult to see her already, and trying to get an appointment will mean waiting at least a week, if not more. Recently, when I've needed care, I've had to go to the hospital ER because I don't know where there's an urgent care center (I'm looking into that) and it was a Sunday evening besides.

All of the stuff people CLAIM will happen with healthcare reform ALREADY DOES.

Chew on THAT, anti-reform folks.

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