Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yadda yadda...

1 - I am severely annoyed at my body at the moment. Why? Well, the last couple of months have been the same way: bloating to the point where my clothes don't fit, then my period happens, and near the end of it, I drop back to where my clothes DO fit and the stuff I picked out to wear thinking that I'm fat and stuff... don't fit because the water weight is gone. Argh.

2 - Roman Polanski. Committed statutory rape of a 13 year old, although reports say he drugged the girl too. Plead guilty. Fled the country to Europe before being sentenced. Thirty years ago. Recently was arrested for the crime and is NOW going to be extradited. And people are DEFENDING HIM. Excuse me, he raped a girl, pled guilty, ran before he could be punished, and is getting what is coming to him after 30 years and all you can talk about is "how talented he is"?! WTF?! Sentence him. Throw the key away.

3 - NHL/AHL season starts this weekend.
3a - With Kessel on the Leafs I am less likely to be happy about this. I don't like him and I don't trust him. I hope this does not screw up team chemistry, but I have the feeling it will because Kessel is a selfish player who doesn't know how to play on a team.
3b - The Blackhawks have a roster problem. Hossa is out until mid-November, so someone can hopefully find a spot. Burish is out until March... someone else can find a spot.

Right now, they have Bickell, Klinkhammer, Brophey, Dowell, and Skille up in addition to:

Toews, Kane, Versteeg,
Sharp, Bolland, Byfuglien,
Ladd, Fraser, Eager
Madden, Kopecky, Smolenak

Keith, Seabrook
Campbell, Barker
Sopel, Johnson
Hendry, Hjalmarsson


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