Tuesday, November 3, 2009


"I want to be traded." - 5 years left on a 6 year contract extension. Player was UFA pre-extension, and one of the top scorers.

"I am no longer negotiating with the Boston Bruins." - Player was RFA, team refused to pay him $5mil+ a year, arbitration was not entered into.

GM of a given team badmouthed and bashed one, but acquired the other.

Who are they, you might wonder?


Both of them have a city and state in common (one went to school there, the other was born there).

I like one a lot (and worry about him) while the other makes me want to throw up.

One is now on my favourite NHL (Eastern Conference) team, while the other is playing in San Jose.

And I suspect my favourite NHL (East) team has just given their #1 overall draft pick to the Boston Bruins.

Because in spite of someone's claim that Brian Burke does not tank, THE LEAFS ARE.

And I want to throw a tantrum because I wish they were NOT.

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