Friday, December 4, 2009


1 - Note to self: When going to an ice show, remember that they're figure skaters, even if they're skating on a surface usually reserved for hockey.

2 - Going out to The Sow's Ear tonight. Overnight in Madison and then driving home. Work Holiday Dinner Saturday at 5pm. (Forgot about the blood donation appointment, so I've rescheduled that for next Saturday. Oops. *wry*)

3 - Flurries (Fleurys? ;) )right now, accumulation eventually.

4 - Jonesing for... a lot of stuff. Wondering if perhaps a given someone mentioning some things is responsible for #2.

5 - Pondering AHL hockey over Christmas weekend, and over New Year's. Chicago in 2 weeks to meet up with friends. YAY friends! =D

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