Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Professional Hockey - Conference Finals


East -
Manchester v. Hershey (tied 2-2 in series now)
Both teams have 1 member of the 2005-06 Badger Championship team

West -
Texas v. Hamilton
Only rooting for Texas due to Hamilton being Montreal's AHL...


East -
Montreal v. Philadelphia
In a series I wish would end in a meteor shower.

Reasons I don't like Montreal: Jacques Martin, I'm a Leafs fan
Reasons I don't like Philadelphia: Chris Pronger, Ray Emery

West -
Chicago v. San Jose
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm oh boy. each team has a member of the 2005-06 Badger team.
Chicago has 2 more as "Black Aces"... (one of whom has a birthday today.......)
But Chicago also has Marian Hossa. (UGH)
And San Jose has Dany Heatley...whom I do like.

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