Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weirdness catching up with me, I guess

Met Jerry and Susan at the SnB last night. A new Susan, not the crazy woman in charge of the whole thing. ;)

Susan is local. Jerry... is from Southern California. Yes, I know.

According to his older blog, he's an aerospace engineer. But he moved locally for work. Sort of like I did. But I have never met him. Not that I'm all that surprised given how vast an area SoCal is.

I brought my Cal Poly thermal mug from 1992, and the first thing he asked was "San Luis Obispo or Pomona?". San Luis Obispo. But it was still very weird.

Now I'm wondering whether there is going to be a link up somewhere down the line, as in: he knows someone that knows someone that knows me... all in SoCal.

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