Friday, February 11, 2011

Opinions are like anuses...

... Everyone's got one (or more than one in the case of opinions...)

In lieu of the trade that I'm not dealing with at all well, my Twitter account is no more. After being told off by one person I'd thought was a friend (but only after I'd lashed out at her, I admit), and having someone ELSE I'd thought was a friend "bask in the reflected glory" of said telling off...

It's been deleted.


My gut level feeling re: the trade...

The Blackhawks will end up regretting the trade. I have seen suggestions that Frolik lacked a certain... intensity, shall we say, regarding work ethic. He had previously been a 20 goal scorer, but wasn't producing that now, and had just recently been demoted.

In case anyone wonders whether I'm biased? Sure, I admit that I am, but I also had bad feelings about the McCabe/Van Ryn trade, and the Leafs signing Kessel.

Just take that as you will.

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