Monday, May 2, 2011

Really now?

Is it right to put the blame on one person for a team losing when said person was one of the people doing the scoring? And that, by all accounts, the person scoring was one of the FEW people who played well?

If someone had 8 years to find someone "dead or alive" and didn't... and someone else had 2.5 years and succeeded... who's the one who got the job done?

If a "Certification of Live Birth" or "Certificate of Live Birth" is not the same as a "Birth Certificate", kindly explain to me the difference between "Birth Date" and "Date of Birth" or "Birth place" and "Location of Birth".

Why is Mr. Trump "proud" of getting Mr. Obama to release the long form birth certificate when Mr. Obama had to go and file for an exemption - thereby giving the appearance that the laws do not apply to him when it is the extreme pressure of some groups forcing the issue by saying "he's hiding it!" - to get a certified copy AND that the "Certificate of Live Birth" had actually be released during the last Presidential Campaign.

Why do people act like public figures - including professional athletes - have no feelings or are objects rather than humans?

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