Sunday, February 5, 2012

I was just here... where did I go?

Back from Florida. STILL need to make yet another trip down there. Unfortunately. (Too public a blog to discuss why, but the people who know me know why that is)

Met some nice people this time while down there.

Got some time at the beach in... partially because it was "necessary", especially after I'd done similar in Malaysia.

In about 36 hours, I depart for China.  I repacked my bags and instead of one large suitcase, I'm taking a small suitcase and a bag.  The small suitcase has my personal stuff in it, the bag has my work stuff in it.  The bag will likely be somewhat depleted by the time I come home because some of the stuff will get used while I'm overseas.  My new rolling carryon arrived while I was away, and that will serve as my purse and stuff carrier on flights.

Got some shopping done while in Florida.  Went to the Hanes outlet and got a bra and underwear (which will go unworn likely until after I move).  Then to the Sketchers outlet for a new pair of shoes for work... more or less.

I am thinking that I will get some time at home after this trip...

Although my frequent flyer miles account is certainly happy for me. *wry*

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