Friday, March 30, 2012

Pens and Notebooks and all that stuff

Recently, I have found myself rather obsessed with Fisher Space Pens.

To the point where I got one (gift for my birthday), and when I lost it, I promptly went and replaced it. (I'm thinking it fell out of my purse somewhere between my residence and one of the MANY trips to Florida I took this year. (no, don't ask... if you have to ask, you don't know me quite as well as you think you do. ;) )

That and I have determined my ideal journal notebook, as well as the notebooks that I can do other things with.

This took a lot of trial and error... more error than trial, admittedly.

To wit:  My 2 ideal pens are the Fisher Space Pen and the Dr. Grip.  My ideal notebooks vary from a good "bookish" size for journal writing, and something with removeable/rearrangeable pages for jotting down notes, fic ideas, and "talking" to a friend when there is either too much noise, or we are not seated together on an aeroplane. (This happened recently...)

I should probably take a picture of my current setup...

And get more Fisher Space Pens. ;)

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