Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I was just here... where did I go?

Not necessarily going to need 3 sets of clothes, but it might well come to that.

Next week, I'm going to Charlotte, NC for a few days to get a study done.

The week after that, I'm either going to Nebraska (if the client's PO ever comes in) or Minneapolis-St Paul to do the same thing I did in Charlotte.  Whichever one doesn't get done in 2 weeks will get done at a later date. (At this point, I'm betting on MSP going and Nebraska being rescheduled)

The week after that, out to Los Angeles for a week. To do the same thing as Charlotte.  And then I'll play tourist for a day and visit friends before returning home.

November looks almost as full.  Almost.

Same as December through to March I think.

Hope I have enough projects to get me through this.

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