Friday, April 26, 2013

So... ummm...

I was in Chicago 2 weekends ago to watch Stephanie Miller's Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour.

The show itself went great.  It was lots of fun and very funny.

After the show, T and I ducked into a 7-11 to get some bottled water to drink back at the hotel.

We walked out and there was a pan-handler rambling on about something or other.  When I apparently caught his attention, he started in on me.  Starting by calling me "China Doll".

China. Doll.

Can we just say right now exactly how much is wrong in just those two little words?

Racist.  Sexist.  Misogynistic.

And before anyone asks what I was wearing to deserve that... I had on a decorated tshirt, long-ish skirt (think mid-shin), and blazer on over that, and a long black trench coat on over that.  Which was belted shut.  The trench coat went down to mid-shin as well.  It was NOT close fitting.

Not to mention anyone who thinks someone deserves what they get...

I could tell he was gradually starting to get closer to me and I turned and told him, while holding up a clenched fist, that if he got any closer, I'd make him regret it.

He then continued calling me "China Doll" and added that I apparently knew kung fu... and he went on and on like that while I looked up at the moon and wished I'd never even started it.

The light changed and I walked across the street and left the guy behind.

Along with the crowd of people that had been standing there the entire time but had done nothing.

This sort of thing is an easy demonstration of what society these days has come to.

And I am disappointed.


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