Thursday, March 20, 2008

Predictions and predilictions...

Okay, so, there's this whole big kerfuffle going on over at LiveJournal...

I have one too, so I know... My LiveJournal goes back to June 2000, so I remember what "the good old days" were like. No, I'm not bragging. Just stating fact. I also think LJ got too big too fast and then a post here and a post there started offending SOMEONE... not the same someone for each post, but someone nonetheless.

Anyway, there is notice that Brad (o, he who started the whole thing) is not happy with the way things are going since he sold it to SixApart... who then sold it to SUP.

There is a so-called "Content Strike" going on which, while I may not agree with it, comes across as likely to fall on deaf ears, etc. As in: I don't think anyone in charge of running it will be paying it the least bit of mind.

There has been an interview with the Russian currently in charge of running LJ (seeing as the Russians now own it, it's not difficult that a Russian's in charge of running it, yes?) and it seems the way he's running it is very... ah... non-Western, shall I say.

My thoughts on this is that after Brad sold LiveJournal to SixApart, there was a lot of protests, etc with how things were run and then SixApart sold it to SUP. Far from being a financial failure and ghost town - as someone on my LJ friendslist suggests - I believe LJ will keep being sold and bounce around until either it ends up back in Brad's hands or it ends up being merged with either Micro$oft or google or somesuch... and that the old adage "you can't please all the people all the time" will most definitely come into play. It already has.

As for why this is not being posted at my LJ... well... I'm not participating in the content strike, but I also don't want to open up a whole big can o' worms over there because I have people on both sides of the "Content Strike" issue...


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Skye-chan said...

I believe LJ will keep being sold and bounce around until either it ends up back in Brad's hands

We can only hope and pray. I loved it when it was owned by him.