Wednesday, April 2, 2008

All the News that Isn't... really.

With apologies to Michael Feldman's Wha'dya Know?...

Am never doing the "Going to hockey game in Chicago and then driving home afterwards if it is after 9pm" again. Next time I go to a Sunday hockey game, if I am driving home, I will wait until the next morning. Or just sleep at home and take the next day off. Either way, I am not getting up in the morning to go to work after doing that. No way.

Sunday went like this (in brief): Woke up, had breakfast, packed car, checked out of hotel, Trader Joe's Run, hung out at Fry's, drove into United Center, hang out for a bit, met friends, went to game, went to find car (got lost in process), found car, drove home, arriving early (12:45am) Monday morning. Did not get to sleep until 2:30am.

I'm still tired and it's Wednesday morning.

Finished a striped Calorimetry pattern in crochet using mohair. I didn't like it on me, but it looks nice on the roomie... and she's been looking for one anyway, so it's hers. I might try to make another one out of different yarn... I'm not sure yet though.

In other news, my co-worker is an idiot. He's supposed to be helping me out on a job. He went through my stuff earlier and corrected stuff. THEN, yesterday, he was going through it again as a review and said that some of the stuff I had was wrong. And this was going off HIS information.

Note to self: Killing him = bad idea. Prison.


Skipped C/D league on Sunday because I was at an NHL game (Blue Jackets @ Blackhawks)... and part of me was left wondering if I'd made the right decision.

I guess I did. It was fun. =D I still hate the shootout though. HATE HATE HATE the shootout.


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