Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hither and Yon...

First off... Uterus - I hate you.


A person doesn't realise exactly how much something has hurt until they can go back to the incident years later and STILL have it hurt like hell.

"You could have done better." - Response from my so-called mother when I got a 100% on a calculus exam and handed it to her.




By some very rarely used definitions of the word, DJH *IS* guilty of murder. (Having checked, there is one definition which is simply the deprivation of life from a person) However, more of the currently accepted definitions include premeditation, etc. There is one thing also to keep in mind, though. DJH *DID* crash his car, but DS was not wearing his seatbelt. DS was thrown from the car and died of injuries he suffered from that. DJH had injuries consistent with having worn a seatbelt and is still alive.

But, comparing what he did OFF the ice to something SD, RC, RJ, RB, and SD(again) did ON the ice which resulted in brain injuries... is not right either.


Mr. Fletcher! Toskala needs a backup goalie! The Leafs need a good first or second line centre who takes faceoffs! SIGN RAYCROFT! SIGN STAJAN!




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TDH said...

I just wish people would let him in peace to deal with things in his own way. Whether it's running or not (which I've always suspected it was). There is no comparing what he did to incidents that that group of people have done on the ice.

If you're going to blame him for something, then blame him for that chop thing whatever he did to Brendan Bell in preseason.

*hugs for the evil-ness of the uterus and for the ptsd stuff* I can relate. On both, but if anything, more the latter.