Monday, May 19, 2008

Three Week Roundup

Two weeks ago now... I finally finished one project for work and started helping one of my co-workers with one of the major projects at work.

Sunday night hockey was where I strained a groin muscle, resulting in my taking that Thursday off because I hurt like hell.

Last week... I spent most of it (starting Sunday, returning Thursday) in St. Louis, MO. Took along 2 Build-A-Bears to use as a travellogue. Had fun with that.

Missed hockey on Sunday, but got back in time for Friday. Felt mildly incompetent Friday night though.

Also felt mildly incompetent Friday day when I went in to work for an hour or so.

Had a doctor's appointment to set up new care. Dr. Rochelle Davis is very nice. (Thanks, Mo!)

This week...

Last night's C/D league... PuckU did so much whining I was going to ask them if they wanted cheese with that.

The game ended badly and some of Team Blue refused to shake hands with Puck. Not that I can blame them.

Fundie!Christian co-worker apparently had major heart attack Saturday. He says the boss is the major source of stress.

And I have a birthday this week... Wednesday in fact.

A former acquantance has one today. One of my favourite authors had hers yesterday. One of my favourite minor league (he'll get to the NHL) players has his birthday today too.

This should get interesting.


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