Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So WHY does it feel like a Monday?

Firstly? I think I might be allergic to coffee. I've itched a lot more than usual of late and that seems to be the only change in my routine so far.

Well, that and tuna. And maybe ramen.

Next week I will go back to cutting those from my diet too, see if that helps.

Thing is, I didn't have tuna or ramen last week, but I did have coffee... and the itching really started last week.

So... yeah.


It is REALLY F*ING annoying when YOUR OWN MOTHER can't remember your birthday.

Not only did my mother forget WHEN my birthday is, the mystery package I think came from her was likely something she got FOR FREE anyway.

And it was a month early besides. (I still haven't figured out the unsigned "birthday note" except that the English on it was so bad it's likely actually from her anyway)

Besides which, my mother had originally asked me if I wanted some of my grandfather's stuff, since he's moving back to Taiwan... and then this morning she emails me with "I'm keeping it all".

Well, WTF woman?! Why ask me if I wanted any of it if YOU WEREN'T INTENDING ON SENDING IT ANYWAY?!

I'd beat her up but it's not worth it.



Yes, it IS my birthday today. My LJ friends have done a lovely job of remembering and wishing me a happy birthday. =D (yes I know this is blogger and not LJ... what?)

I am feeling so very loved. =D


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