Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not quite long enough...

Three day weekend? Not quite long enough. Not if I'm falling asleep at my desk at work. Oy. Of course, the heat buildup from last night likely didn't help matters any... especially seeing as I didn't get to sleep until almost 1am?

I haven't mentioned this before but I'm going to see Dave Matthews Band (with Rashawn Ross and Tim Reynolds!) at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, WI the first weekend in August! I've only got lawn seats but it's still super-exciting! Second year I've gone, and I'm going both nights.

The plan is to drive up Friday night, stay in Madison, go to a Wha'dya Know?! broadcast (they might not have them. I still have to check), then drive out to the hotel in Waukesha (I'm guessing I'm going to have to stay at the same hotel again) before going to the venue proper. Early. Because there is usually a line to get in before getting in.

C/D league session ended on Sunday. I played tired for some reason, even after having slept most of the weekend. I guess I've hit the "feeling it" phase of sleep debt, and now have to get through that. A week off (drop in game) and then back to the usual. I'm paid up so things shouldn't be a problem there at all.

Gasoline is getting ridiculous though. Bye bye $3/gal. It hit $4/gal over the weekend, starting Thursday... At least in IL/IA. California has long since waved to $3/gal in the rearview mirror.


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