Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Stanley Cup Finals

Pens have forced Game 6. They're still down 3-2 in the Best of 7, but at least it's a little more interesting. I'm wanting the Penguins to win because Detroit won it in 2002, while the Pens last won it in 1992. So, yes, there is a little further time for them. (I'm not talking about the fact that it's been 41 years since the Toronto Maple Leafs even managed it... *SIGH*)

I keep hearing criticism of Sidney Crosby, including the "he dives" and "he whines" bits.

There is at least one person who says that she knows of "kids" much more talented than Crosby who don't dive or whine. This person also says that he needs to grow up and that the media and the league needs to stop treating him like the sun shines out his ass. And then proceeds to say that they never said such things. *facepalm* And the same person says Crosby's been playing like that since he was in Rimouski in the QMJHL. (Considering the person in question has lived in Seattle, WA and Los Angeles, CA during that time, I wonder how they have been able to WATCH those games...)

Also? The claim is that Crosby's bought into his own hype...

I've watched some of Crosby's play. He's everywhere on the ice, trying to make plays and trying to get scoring chances. He's also fast. And sometimes does get tripped up - whether by accident or on purpose - and falls, drawing penalties. It DOES happen. He's also 20 years old, going on 21. With the media and the league - I'm talking to YOU, Bettman - treating him like he's the "saviour" of hockey. Or at least of the team in Pittsburgh. (And it gets pointed out that "a not quite 18 year old has figured out not to dive or whine so much so why can't Crosby?"... but I have to wonder if that "not quite 18 year old" was subject to THAT MUCH - national - media coverage. Crosby has been subject to that since he was at least 16)

For a time it was "Crosby vs. Ovechkin", to which I say "neither". They both have their good points, as well as their bad. Ovechkin has committed some REALLY blatant dives, and no one calls HIM on it. (I saw one where Hossa was turning, there was space between them, Ovechkin fell, and Hossa got called for tripping... when there was no way he could have tripped Ovechkin. And I hate Hossa...)

And there's the people who call Crosby "Cindy" or "Crysob"... like that's going to help matters... or is even remotely mature or original for that matter.

I am not posting this to LiveJournal, and if the person in question I have referred to but not named finds this... so be it. I refuse to be treated like I am not allowed to have my own opinion.


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