Monday, July 14, 2008

Various Rantings, etc.

Having to vent. Am not excusing this. Remember: My journal = my opinion.

Rant #1 - Hobby Lobby
- "We are Closed on Sundays to allow our Staff to be with their families and for worship"

That is what they have posted EVERYWHERE in their stores. That and their Statement of Values, which cites God in each "value".

- Christian Praise muzak

I do not want to hear it in a craft supply store! I did not go into a craft store to be preached at.

I admit to cutting the Salvation Army store a little slack (the local store plays a local Christian radio station), but that is because I know what their "core values" are, and that they are a Christian faith-based organisation.


Rant #2 - People who think "religious display in one small corner of a Chinese Restaurant = OVERT Christianity in Hobby Lobby" and removing it = discrimination.

Look, last I checked, people in Chinese Restaurants were not trying to convert ANYONE to any religion... other than that of Chinese FOOD, which did not = religion, last I checked.

I will not shop at Hobby Lobby but that is because their stores make me uncomfortable. I am not going to demand that no one shop there. Personal choice.


Rant #3 - People who think Christianity is the ONLY *OPPRESSED* religion, citing Saudi Arabia, etc, and even the US!

Ummm... last I checked, the United States had the First Amendment which meant Freedom Of Religion, meaning that not everyone has to believe the same. Saudi Arabia is Muslim.

(I could go on but I don't really want to)


Rant #4 - Monday?!

Why the hell is Monday so irritating?


Rant #5 - Puck U

That deserves a separate rant on its own.


Okay, I'm done now. (for now)


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