Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Silly Hockey Boys

Some of the Chicago Blackhawks (and now former Hawks) were asked what they would change their names to if they had to.


Rene Bourque - Ray

Yanic Perreault - No Panic Yanic

Evan Brophey - Eugene

Corey Crawford - Lionel

Jack Skille - John

Cam Barker - Bob

Jonathan Toews - Bob

Two of them (Skille, Toews) were kind of boring. Two of them (Bourque, Barker) were amusing as all hell. Yanic Perreault got silly (then again, what he would change his name to has been his "nickname" for years (Molson Leaf Hockey guys - Joe Bowen I suspect - gave him that nickname I think). And the other two? Just earned teasing nicknames from me. (Eugene?! Brof, really? And: Lionel, eh? Goalie.)

=D My source for this? The Hawks program from the 30 March 2008 Hawks/Jackets game I went to.


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