Thursday, October 16, 2008


1 - I wonder whether Ron Wilson sees more in Matt Stajan than Staj has done so far, and wants him to go for it. I hope so. Although there is still a severe deficiency at defence which may explain why Staj plays more D style lately.

2 - The Leafs need to get RID of Ryan Hollweg. Why? 2 suspensions before the fourth game of the season... that's why. People claim that's "passion". No. That's stupidity. Hollweg knows better but won't play like it.

3 - I don't trust either Jeff Finger or Jonas Frogren. I'm still wary of Mike Van Ryn too.

4 - STILL cannot stand Pavel Kubina.

5 - Hawks finally won a game! Yay! Although... am also amused that Skille hit Kevin Porter. Skille went to Wisconsin at the same time Porter was at Michigan. And then Skille tried to take the puck away from Kyle Turris... who started at Wisconsin after Skille left school.

6 - Is it Friday yet? *sigh*


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