Friday, October 24, 2008


Dear Mother,

Actually, this should more correctly be titled "Dear Woman who gave birth to the body"...

You and the person who is the sperm donor have been divorced for 24 years. Your latest email, however, has you acting as though you and he JUST got divorced, or were even still in the process of getting said divorce.

Going from googling your old classmates to googling your former husband... you OBVIOUSLY have too much time on your hands.

And it was not my idea for you to retire, nor was it my idea for you to look him up on the internet. I also had NOTHING to do with the way the economy has gone.

As it is, I have no contact with him and very LITTLE contact with you either.

You claim you still care about me, but you have not acted the part. In fact, you have acted as though you could care less about me one way or the other.

So... I am not actually sending you this letter, but writing it on the blog instead. It has very little connection to you and should you find it, fine. I can't stop that.

If you are having financial trouble as well, perhaps you should look into going back to work. It is not that I do not care. It is the fact that I will not be forced into doing anything for you because you have never truly acted like you care for me.


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