Monday, December 8, 2008

How... unoriginal

Really... calling Sidney Crosby "Crysob"? Unoriginal crap.

Why is it that EVERYTHING Crosby does is considered whinging when he is team captain, after all. He has to ask the ref why some calls were made and others weren't. Last I checked, THAT was part of the Captain's responsibility. Sundin did it in Toronto when he was there. And most other teams WITH Captains (including Toews) do it.

And yet "the great and perfect" Alexander Ovechkin can't do a damn thing wrong.

THE HELL HE CAN'T! Two penalties on Saturday (how much does anyone want to bet HE disputed those too... isn't that "whinging"?) and injuring Luke Schenn during the same game says he IS NOT PERFECT. He's an asshole sometimes too.

I am not saying that everything Crosby does is perfect. But to say that everything he does is whinging or crap is wrong too. Especially given the fact that he DOES work, AND he has that "C" on his shoulder, which indicates that he HAS to stick up for his teammates, otherwise that would be considered lax.

Also? Bashing Crosby does not make me dislike him. In fact, it irritates me and makes me like the person doing the bashing LESS.

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