Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bad Streaks

Chicago Blackhawks -
Prior to this season, the last time they made:
Playoffs at all - 2002 (and this season)
Conference Semi-Finals - 1995 (and this season)
Conference Finals - 1989 (and this season... where they are up against Detroit)
Stanley Cup - 1992 (swept by Pittsburgh)
Won Stanley Cup - 1961

Toronto Maple Leafs - This season included:
Playoffs at all - 2004 (this was the last pre-lockout season)
Conference Semi-Finals - 2001(?)
Conference Finals - 2002 (they lost to Carolina), prior to that: 1999 (they lost to Buffalo)
Stanley Cup - 1967
Won Stanley Cup - 1967

And yet...

People are saying the Leafs are WORSE than the Blackhawks. Sounds like some folks don't know their history.

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