Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hockey Stuff and Nonsense

1 - Hawks win in 6! Burish goal! Hat-Trick Kane! (Although I still wanna hug Luongo of the Canucks who was pretty heavily blaming himself last night for losing)

2 - Note to the Pittsburgh Penguins - Ummm... Marc-Andre? Please to not be having a bad night next game? I really DO NOT WANT the Capitals to be moving on to the next round. Not because of anything to do with Ovechkin, but because Donald Brashear severely injured another player during a previous series by a dirty hit.

3 - Thursday night hockey it is. Ordered new skates that will hopefully fit better than my current ones which are slightly too big.

4 - Can I just say right here and right now that I HATE the ugliness that is the namecalling that some fans have been doing in regards to other teams that they are NOT supporting? To quote one I read: "I have always had this baseless hatred for the Blackhawks and look, now I have a reason"... WTF?! The friend in question has done nothing but bash any team that was not "her precious Bruins" and then it was also the Canucks.

5 - Could people please stop saying Crosby is "useless"? I mean, really. If I even considered saying to those particular folks that Ovechkin was useless, they'd jump all over me. NEITHER of them are useless. And there really is no one is "better than" the other. They play different styles. Seriously. =P

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