Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hockey Commentary (My Blog, MY Opinion)

Re: the Heatley trade situation -
Brian Burke (GM Leafs) blasted Heatley and his agents for "going public". It was pointed out that Pronger did the same thing and Burke traded for him when he was GM of Anaheim. Double standard anyone?

Also, IMO, Dany's... running away. Which he's been doing since The Accident. I never thought he looked right in Ottawa, and that was not because I don't like the Senators. There was just something in his face that didn't look right. And it was an unpopular opinion, but I never thought he'd stay in Ottawa.

Re: Crosby not shaking hands with Lidstrom at the end of the Cup Final -
I have heard mention of the fact that Crosby was 'too busy celebrating' and such, and then had it pointed out that the Red Wings actually celebrated longer than that LAST year when THEY won the Cup, and yet the Penguins stayed on the ice until the Wings were ready and then shook hands with all of them, while this year the Wings started leaving the ice while the Pens were still celebrating. Hmmm... I need proof of this, but if true it shows some unsportsmanlike conduct on Detroit's part, IMO.

Also? Draper, stop calling it a 'snub'. By calling it a 'snub', it implies Crosby did it on purpose. I sincerely doubt he MEANT to not shake Lidstrom's hand.

One more thing? Average age of the Pens? Early 20s. Team's a bunch of kids. Most of whom have never done this sort of thing before. Of COURSE they'll get caught up in the moment.

And will Wings fans PLEASE stop referring to it as 'our Cup'. Detroit LOST. And it does not have "property of the Detroit Red Wings" written on it. ANYWHERE.

August 7-9, 2009 - USA Hockey Adult Camp

$300. Chicago, IL suburb.

Seriously considering it.

Now just to get the $$ together.


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