Friday, June 19, 2009

*SIGH* (Ranting)

If you're going to bash someone, GET THEIR NAME RIGHT. (There is a second "e" in the name of the player you were bashing... not that you give a sh*t, considering there IS an 'edit' button, this is several days old, and you CLAIM you do not misspell things.)

Stop fawning all over your adored GM. There ARE Those of us out there who don't like him. And we are entitled to not like HIM just like you don't like players and such. You will NOT be winning me over any time soon.

Interesting how I'm the ONLY one who got jumped ALL OVER when I said that a certain #87 in Pittsburgh was a good player, etc. And yet when someone ELSE does it, it gets left alone.

F- you and your stupid double standards.

And, for that matter, stop acting all high and mighty and that you are an expert at EVERYTHING. You're NOT.


Anonymous said...

Are we going to have to open a can of Humble Pie on a fanbase? Because if it's the fanbase I think it is, I'll gladly do it!

And I'm sorry folks get on your case about Siddo. That's hardly fair.

C. said...

I think it IS the fanbase you think it is.