Monday, July 13, 2009

California's Budget Mess

NPR this morning had an interesting piece on what's causing the budget mess.

Prop 13, 98, and a whole host of other voter-passed initiatives are behind it. (While I did vote for Prop 98, I was way too young to vote for Prop 13)

So much so that they're unable to cut after-school programs (voter-approved and a pet-project of the Governor's PRIOR to his becoming governor!) while being forced to cut school funding!

I had previously been asked 'why would you care about California's budget?' by a friend. The answer? Well, it IS the 7th largest economy IN THE WORLD. Not to mention that it's got a hell of a lot of clout in the rest of the country because of its size.

I wish them luck getting out of the mess its in though.


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