Saturday, September 19, 2009

Do not want!

So the Leafs traded 3 draft picks (2 first round and a second round) for Phil Kessel, and then promptly signed him to a 5 year $27 million contract.

This will not be pretty.

Phil Kessel is a selfish, self-centred prima donna who has already proven himself to be relatively on par with the sterotypical selfish athlete. When the Bruins refused to sign him to the contract HE wanted, he pretty much threw a tantrum and said that he "was done" negotiating with them. So the Bruins found a sucker to take him...

I hate Brian Burke for this signing. The other ones made some sense. Kessel, though... I know he's a Madison, WI native and all that, but seeing as he went to Minnesota AND has acted like nothing but a selfish little brat his entire career... starting with the PRESS CONFERENCE he held when he was 18 to say which college he'd selected to attend. Who the hell DOES that sort of thing?

Phil Kessel.

At the start of last season, someone I know adored him. She can't stand him now. That either means she's very fickle, or she has actually come around to the fact that he is not a team player.

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