Monday, September 14, 2009


To Eric Duhatschek - Dany Heatley's tenure at Wisconsin was 1999-2001. Joe Pavelski's tenure at Wisconsin was 2004-2006. This does not make them TEAMMATES AT WISCONSIN as you pointed out in your Globe and Mail blog. HockeyDB is easy to use. I suggest you CHECK YOUR FACTS before saying anything like that. If you are going to publish a blog that will be for public consumption, factchecking IS YOUR FRIEND. Sheesh.


Jack Skille made the Chicago Blackhawks out of training camp last season. He was sent down again after 6 games - during which time the team changed head coaches - before being called up again at the very end of February. He was also yo-yo'd one other time meaning there were a whole bunch of games he missed on Rockford because he was playing with the Blackhawks at the time.

Add to that the two weeks or so he spent injured with a closed head injury after Brian Sipotz and then Scott Lehman hit him during a game against the Wolves before coming back in the game against the Marlies in Toronto... and then there was the injury (speculation that it was a hyperextended elbow... when Mitch Love of Houston hit him) that ended his season in late March where he again couldn't play for 2 weeks, and missed all of Rockford's short run (swept by Milwaukee) in the playoffs. He was called up and acted as a reserve player for the Blackhawks run into the playoffs... but he didn't play.

So when people say that he needs to step up... where the HELL is he going to step up to if the Blackhawks don't give him any playing time, but insist on calling him up or if he gets injured and can't play? As it was, he was tied for second on the team for goals and only played in 53 games in Rockford, as well as 8 games for the NHL team.


Note to the people calling "liar liar pants on fire" to President Obama in regards to the health care reform activities that are going on. If I remember correctly, it was you lot who insisted on respect for the President while Mr. GWBush was President. Calling Mr. Obama a liar is disrespectful.

You cannot have it both ways. It does not work that way.

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