Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Note to Mark Sanford, Governor - South Carolina

Dear sir:

It is not your extra-marital affair which has me wanting to see you resign from your elected office. I am not a resident of South Carolina and am therefore not one of your constituents. However, I currently do object to the fact that you went missing from your job as governor of a state without leaving word as to where you would be, and without making arrangements for state business to be covered by the Lieutenant Governor, which, after all, is part of the job.

This sort of behaviour would get people fired in the real world, so it is only natural that you need to lose your job as well. This has nothing to do with who or what you were doing. The fact is, reconciling with your wife would be nice, but from all indications, she is not even giving you the time of day, so stop pushing.


Dear Jay Bouwmeester...

You liked Lanny McDonald's moustache? Really? =D

Please do not try to grow one like that. I am not sure I would ever be able to stop laughing.


Note to the "Taxed Enough Already" crowd -

You are being played.

First of all, anyone who tells you that Medicare is NOT a government program has LIED to you.

Secondly, how much stuff that goes on around you that you do not think you pay for do you take for granted? Roads? Bridges? Medicare? Hello?

Third? All of that shouting you do to intentionally disrupt meetings is rude and inappropriate and while you are exercising YOUR First Amendment rights, by behaving in such a fashion you are DENYING others THEIR First Amendment rights to free speech. So STFU and STFD.

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