Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The end of rec league hockey for the adults in the QCA?

The Quad City Sports Center is losing money. To the point where the City of Davenport is going to take it over in April. Has the facility been run properly? Well, no. But the plans put out are troubling.

They have "committed" to keep kids hockey (from One Goal through high school House Leagues...) but there is no word on any of the adult leagues. There is also talk about getting rid of at least one of the high school teams. Right now there are the QC Ice Eagles and the QC Blues at the very least. The sled hockey program is also in danger.

What is troubling is that they intend to permanently close down the second ice sheet in order to put in an indoor soccer field.

When there are 4 adult hockey leagues (Over 30, A/B league, C/D league, Open League) ALL of whom are full. Some of the teams are OVER full. From what I can tell, each of them has at least 4 (6-8 in some cases) teams and they tend to play at about the same time in their respective leagues. There are people who play in more than one league. The word is that they're going to schedule the adult teams really late ON A WEEKNIGHT. When most (if not all) of the players have jobs and most are first shift.

I am already pushing it with 9:15/9:45pm game start times (factor in about 45 minutes both before and after for getting into and out of equipment and driving to and from. Not to mention that the game itself tends to go 1 hour 15-20 minutes...) that get me home near midnight. Any later and I can't play.

With the kids learn-to-play-hockey programs, group (figure) skating lessons, house leagues, the junior/high school teams, the figure skaters (freestyle skating takes up blocks of hours at a time during the day), public skating, and possibly drop in hockey... one ice sheet will not cut it. As it is, the adult ice hockey games are getting moved around to weird hours of the day during the week.

At least one person has said they are going to start a petition but also start looking around for an alternate place to rent an ice sheet (the nearest one is The Mark... )

And I have heard grumbling that the city I live in does not contribute anything to the running of the facility.

Excuse me, but I have been putting good money in there.

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