Wednesday, January 20, 2010


1 - Pat Robertson, STFU. You do not speak for Christians and you do not speak for the One. You are not The One's Champion. Attempting to justify NOT sending relief to Haiti because "they made a deal with the Devil" means there is no compassion in your heart.

2 - Mr. Obama needs to show some serious leadership. Additionally, the Democrats need to show some spine and get rid of Joe Lieberman. Let the Republicans filibuster and not just threaten. Let them be fools. Do they really want to let the Republicans have THAT much power over them? The Democrats still have the majority. Act like they've lost it and pass EVERYTHING.

3 - Health Care: Rates still going up. Even without the Reform bill. Insurance Companies still control everything. It sucks.

4 - Watched the AHL All Star Skills Competition last night. Watching certain players be all nervous was more amusing than it had any right to be. =D

5 - Did a partial weeding out of books and stuff last night. Will go through the closet tonight and do the same with my clothes. Maybe my bags too.

6 - I'm going to be boring and post this to all my blogs. This is your warning.


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