Monday, March 15, 2010


Suspension worthy, just from this season:

1 - Johnny Boychuck's hit on Matt Stajan - Result: Stajan bleeding on the ice, bad cut under the eye. No penalty on Boychuk. No suspension either.

2 - Willie Mitchell's hit on Jonathan Toews - Result: Toews out for a few weeks WITH A CONCUSSION. Nada on Mitchell.

3 - Matt Cooke's hit on Marc Savard - Result: Grade 2 Concussion for Savard. Thus far, nothing on Cooke, although he SHOULD have been suspended.

4 - Alexander Ovechkin's hit on Brian Campbell - Result: Campbell out for remainder of season with broken ribs and clavicle. Ovechkin got a major for boarding and a game misconduct, his 3rd this season. No suspension yet. (ETA: supposedly Ovechkin out for 2 games, although I doubt that will stop him from doing it again)

5 - Steve Downie's hit on Sidney Crosby - Result: I think Crosby's injured. Downie not to be suspended.

6 - Martin St. Pierre's hit on Scott Nichol - Result: Nichol out, LaPierre suspended for 4 games. The only one that actually GOT the suspension... and I don't like either player.

7 - Almost forgot... Mike Richards' hit on David Booth. Guess who wasn't suspended, and guess who was out 45 games with a concussion? Yeah.


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