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Ovechkin sorry for Campbell hit
Tuesday, 03.16.2010 / 1:17 PM / News

Washington Capitals star forward Alex Ovechkin, serving a two-game suspension for a hit on Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brian Campbell Sunday, issued the following statement Tuesday.

"I am very sorry that Brian was injured and I hope he is able to return to his team soon. NHL hockey is a physical game. We all play hard every time we are on the ice and have battles each shift in every game we play so we can do our jobs and win. As players we must accept responsibility for our actions and I am no different but I did not intend to injure Brian and that is why I was disappointed with the NHL's decision yesterday. Every time I have the honor to play for my team, I will continue to do what I have done since I was taught to play. I will play hard, play with passion and play with respect for my teammates, opponents and fans. I look forward to returning to my team and doing everything I can to be the best player I can be."


Note to Ovechkin: What you got was "2 games for stupidity", because that push which you readily ADMIT to *WAS* stupid.

Be disappointed all you want. But don't come back, calculate how many games it will take to get rid of this suspension and not get an automatic 1-game with your next misconduct (Statute of limitations was 41 games, he was playing in Game 42 since...) and then get another misconduct.

I have been calling for a minimum "automatic 1 or 2 games for stupidity" when one player injures another (regardless of intent) since 2000. Anyone who wants to take me on with this... I will point you exactly where it started: Hossa's high sticking of Bryan Berard, which essentially cost Berard vision in 1 eye. Yes, Hossa's apologised. I am only NOW seeing changes in his play, though. 10 years after the fact.

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