Thursday, March 18, 2010

Seabrook hits Perry, then Wisniewski hits Seabrook...

Saw the footage.

Sorry, Seebs. As much as I like you, when you hit him, you hit Corey Perry in the head. Which was a dangerous move. And I think you should have gotten a penalty (at least) for it.

That said...

EXCUSE ME, James Wisniewski... YOU RAISED YOUR ELBOW. Yes, you were standing up for your teammate (Perry) but that does not call for you to raise your elbow when you were hitting Seabrook, possibly(likely) giving him a concussion and take him out of the game.

I have NO WORDS for what was said by the Ducks TV announcers, however. They were asking if Seabrook was "selling" the hit.


And, in keeping consistency... both of them deserve at least a game suspension.

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