Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Schedules, Hang Time, and Game-worn jerseys...

1 - The AHL schedule has an ETA of August 23. Why? Because they need to finish putting it together (1200 magnets?!!!!!! 30 teams X 80 games = lots of planning) and then it needs to be approved.

Rockford Ice Hogs games this coming season are definite. The main question is: when.

Suspecting Chicago and Milwaukee will get lots again. Plus the Marlies.

2 - The Chicago Blackhawks will get at least one home game this season. When is also an issue. Away games look to be Thanksgiving weekend in Los Angeles and Anaheim, and November 6 in Atlanta (a 2 day weekend trip).

3 - Training Camp Festival tickets procured. Hang time with mah buds will commence, I am sure. =D

4 - Revision to information learned: Nice enough person, terrible as an SO, though...

5 - Well... I paid $300 for player sweat. ;) Gonna leave it for others to determine WHICH player... (those who know me will know immediately)

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