Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TicketB*stard strikes again.

So... the Blackhawks put their single-game tickets on sale yesterday at 10am. And as far as I could see, a lot of fans were furious. I was not so much furious as severely annoyed.

It's not that I objected to the tickets were so quickly sold out. They won the Stanley Cup last season, so, yeah, the tickets were likely going to be at a premium. It is the fact that I could ALMOST IMMEDIATELY go onto StubHub and find that there were PLENTY of tickets sold at a seriously inflated price (almost $90 for SRO seats?!)...

I was at the ticketmaster site and was 'in line' at 10am when I tried to pick my tickets, watching as the 'wait time' went from 2 minutes, up to 8 minutes, and then VERY SLOWLY ticked back down to 2 minutes and stayed there for at least 2 more minutes before coming up with the 'no tickets matched your request' screen.

I did buy some tickets from StubHub, but they only had a slight markup - likely because it is for a game against the Sabres - instead of the aforementioned almost $90 for SRO seats against the Penguins.

And as for those people who never saw a live game prior to 2008... those that some people referred to as 'bandwagoners'... I was not living in the area prior to the 2007-08 season, and as it is now I have a 3 hour drive (as compared to a 4 hour flight prior to that) so I have to plan accordingly. I have only been to 1 game a season since moving closer, and last season's game was a PREseason game.

I do remember Daze, and the A-B-C line... and when the big names on the team were Chelios, Roenick, and Amonte.


Maybe I'll look for tickets for the Pens game on Ticket Exchange later, but I suspect that the Sabres game on October 16 will be the only home game I get to this season.

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