Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This is me... still mad about Saturday

What happened on Saturday?

I went to Chicago to see the Blackhawks play the Buffalo Sabres.

I was also looking forward to seeing my favourite player play.

Joel Quenneville, though, had other ideas. My favourite player was one of two Blackhawks scratched that night. The other one being Jordan Hendry.

He was out in warmups and there was this odd... clingyness I felt from said player.

Instead, I was "treated" to a team that played pretty much asleep through the first 2 periods, except for the fourth line. (Fourth in the Depth Charts... First in our Hearts) The Fourth Line also looked a little sluggish, though... seeing as it consisted of Viktor Stalberg, John Scott, and Jake Dowell that night. Dowell did well, but the other two just sort of dragged the line down. IMO anyway.

I admit that I left before the third period started, but the game just wasn't fun. Even with the crazy come-from-behind win they had.

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