Friday, July 24, 2009

Going for a Ramble

1 - Patrick Eaves has been traded to the Boston Bruins for Aaron Ward. I wish him luck... especially given the Phil Kessel situation, as well as who Patrick Eaves' dad is. Rumour is that Mr. Eaves is heading for a buyout though. Not only that, the Bruins waived Eaves. WTF?!

2 - Spinning away. Have 3 balls of single-ply and working on a fourth. Pondering what that will do.

3 - That's a Wrap! - Making a shawl type thing out of a double-stranded lace weight using an I hook. Pattern calls for cobweb weight and a J hook (I think?) Results should be interesting.

4 - August 15, the Rockford Winterhawks are going to auction off hockey-jersey inspired jerseys... at least one Ice Hog player will be there...

5 - Skipped hockey and social event last night. Waaay too tired.

6 - Still waiting for the schedule on the clinic in early August.

7 - Planning on going to the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival in mid-September. Wondering whether I REALLY need a spinning wheel... I don't wanna buy one but the spinning classes say they're required. SIGH.

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